We made test our oil with pro Chefs, pairing to Italian traditional dishes, but also to complex and sophisticated combinations.In each situation, 9cento5 Evo oil expresses how it is versatile, without covering ingredients taste, but completing recipes adding a well-balanced, intense and never invasive note.

From a simple season ground salad, to a Piedmont cow tartare, 9cento5 Evo oil offers its grassy and softly spicy notes, adding a strong and mild character.

We make so more to test our Evo oil: we involed Luca Pizzoccheri, Personal Chef di Tabletales, into an exclusive location in Milan, who created a specific menu for the event, in partnership with Royale, a Made in Italy excellent producer of porcelain dishware.

"9cento5 is a surprising olive oil, simple and straight but elegant and sophisticated, bringing out every recipe ingredients."