We constantly make professional research and training, to get a final product that matches our quality standards, using available techniques of organic agriculture for olive diseases prevention.Our oil is obtained from 100% natural fruits and trees.

As well as in pasted years, when olive trees were managed by previous generation, any chemical addition has been used.This innovative vision now allows us to enjoy a pure environment where to grow our fruits.

We use the strenght of our arms and our farming machines to keep clean olive trees from infesting deseases: cutter, hoe, sickle and cultivator are our allies for weeding, during practicing 'sovescio', a ground-proctecting method that enriches terrain with organic substances and nitrogen.

We use multi-cone vase technique for pruning, and for picking we use modern mechanical shakers with a low impact on fruits, and limiting olive dents after pick.Certified meshes for food contact, and clean boxes after each working day.

We whiten our olive trees with AgriBioclay kaolin, to protect trees and fruits from infesting insects, and to avoid extreme irradiation or hydro-stress.

In 2018 we settled the Elaisian agro-meteorologic station, an innovative precision tool which helps us to manage interventions, and olive tree grove long distance tracking.Our certification is available for download.