Our oil is a blend produced from Itrana, Leccino and Pendolino olive varieties, picked at right aging from October to November.Cold crushing in few hours from picking, temperature management in all steps, an expert technician who guarantees maximum care in milling process, these all consent to keep intact all the organoleptic features, and to enhance the final product.

Extracted oil is quickly tested with Oxitester chimical analysis, during first taste, before sending product samples to certified labs for law tests.Only once certified, oil is filtered and bottled.

In addition to our care for each detail, our experience pushes us to increment other lab product analysis, even if not settled by law, in order to guarantee a high level and safety to our customer.A mild fruity oil, with a green olive and fresh grass scent, just softly spicy and with a clear taste like our land of Ciociaria.

Not just packaging.

High care to product, but also to its pack.We choose dark glass bottles and alluminium non-refillable closures, with esclusive Guala closures technology (a valves system prevents oil stagnation after spilling), in order to protect all oil features.Label is made with anti-grease treatment on special paper, with a Braille remark to ease product identification for blind customers.

9cento5 extra virgin olive oil is available in these sizes:

Bottle with 500 mlBottle with 250 mlBottle with 100 ml