Ciociaria is a land with a thousand-year old history.Everywhere people are straightforward and cozy.It is a fascinating place even if quite unknown into the heart of Italy, in the south part of Lazio region, between Rome and Gulf of Naples.Its name descends from 'ciocie', a singular and typical ground shoe of this place.

The city of Pastena, into the province of Frosinone, is one of the towns of Ciociaria, and the middle place of Ausoni Montains.Its name becomes from latin word 'pastinare', it means to flip over the ground to make it workable.It is a territory highly vocated to olives and agriculture, keeping strong its folklore and farm culture.Well-known for both its beautiful village - shot in many tv shows - and wonderful Pastena caverns, one of meaningful natural resources of the whole area.

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Our farm fields are about 11 hectares surface.We have olive trees with new plantations, fruit trees, aromatic plants and a small zone with vegetables.Our ground is fertile, with a nice brick red colour similar to clay, strong and tough during hot season.Occasionally rocky, with calcareous stones that were used for house building and terracing.